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What's Hot, What's Not and What's NEW in Australia

Year 2016



Year 2016

The start of AFL football is here. yah!!



The race for the USA presidency is a disaster in the making and one beggars belief at the possible outcome.  






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Mike & Bernice Buck




What's Our Current Location

Taunton Farm Caravan Park

Cowarumup Western Australia

9th March 2016



Where Have We Been


Queensland Australia




Where Are We Going

Hamilton Island - Whitsundays

Queensland Australia



Latest Notes

9th March 2016


Seems to be that work is getting in the way of some further extensive caravanning for the time being so we've headed for a short stay in the Margaret River region to blow the cobwebs out of the van and Mike & BB.


Well the van has done its fare share of travelling over its life and passed the cobweb run with flying colours, not so bloody sure about Mike & BB though. All good fun so far and enjoying the time immensely. Just brilliant.


Thanks for keeping an eye on us.


Mike & BB





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West Coast Eagles

1992 AFL Premiers

1994 AFL Premiers

2006 AFL Premiers

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Symbol of Hope - Sam the Koala - Click to enlarge

Sam the Koala will remain Australia's symbol of hope and determination in the face of the devastating fires of 7th Feb 2009 Black Saturday.



Sadly Sam passed away from an unrelated illness.

 'Sam taught us how to feel things again'  













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